How to work only with relevant packages

You (teacher) want to look at only the software relevant to you.

We (developers) need your help figuring out what is relevant.

Browsing: Use GoLearn! (in package goplay)

Currently the simplest way for you to navigate educational software readily packaged with Debian (and thus available for Debian-Edu too) is with the application GoLearn!, part of the debian package goplay since february 2008.

Follow these steps to install, and track later updates to, the new goplay package that also contains GoLearn! (NB! both steps require root access):

1) Add the following line to the config file /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb etch golearn                        

2) Run the following commands:

aptitude update
aptitude install goplay

Improving the list of educational software

If you find that some relevant program does not show up in GoLearn!, then please tell us about it.

Simplest way is to simply send an email telling about it, to

If you want to participate further in discussing what is relevant software for schools, you should join us.

Technical: If you want to play more directly with marking Debian packages as relevant for educational purposes, then install and play with the package debtags-edit…

Showing only relevant software in menus on the desktop

Technical: The package cdd-dev can setup role-based menus…